Brighten Your Complexion with Blush

Despite continued calls to wear masks in public, the demand for blush is on the rise, and market analysts say blush is the third most-searched-for beauty product in the country. With this essential poised to make a comeback, makeup artists are devising new ways to blush. Here’s how to wear the next hot trend in makeup.

Brighten Your Complexion

Wearing blush adds much-needed warmth and tone after months indoors. Applying corals or pinks over the apples of your cheeks in a soft, circular motion brightens up your complexion instantly. There are many ways to wear blush, ranging from a hint just above the mask line to an all-out “super-blushy look” that’s the focus of your makeup.

Makeup artists are looking at the ‘80s for retro inspiration and using blush as a soft accent. Try bringing your flush up over your cheekbones before sweeping into a C shape on the temples. Blend and blend again to keep this makeup from being obvious.

For a modern look, swap out your eyeshadow for blush. Makeup artists are using blush over the entire eyelid and onto the brow. In a bold twist, makeup artists also “draping” blush under the eyes using deeper pinks and reds before extending color over the cheeks.

Go Monochrome

Color placement may hark back to ‘80s retro glamor, but palettes are modern. Coordinate a monochromatic makeup palette around your blush or mix and match blush shades for a customized look. Tonal shades make an impact that’s both simple and chic.

Combine multiple blush colors for a custom look. Some makeup artists favor mixing a nude shade with a blush that’s a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. This personalized touch enhances your bone structure (think of it as the new, less severe contour). Other makeup artists are going bold, applying neon yellows or vivid reds over the apples of the cheeks and into the eye sockets.

Choose the Right Tool

Whether you opt for liquid, cream, or powder blush, selecting the right application tool is just as important. A liquid tint is best at resisting smudging off on a mask. Use your fingers to apply and let the liquid dry down.

Dry skin types love cream blush, which can achieve a very natural, glowy look. Apply creams with a sponge.

Powder blush is great for oily skin and tends to last longer than liquids or creams. It also allows more targeted color placement. Opt for a brush that is a little firm for maximum control. You need a full-sized brush, but the big pretty ones that are too soft won’t do the trick.

For a full-impact look, experiment with layering powder over cream. Blending is key for avoiding texture issues here. Apply a little bit at a time, and you’ll see color build up gradually.


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