Ways To Become More Articulate When You Speak

Fumble over words when trying to get an important point across? To many “ahhhs”, “umms” and “likes” when you speak? These are two signs that you may want to work on your articulation. The more articulate you are, the more attention you can command when you speak.

Often times, we don’t know that we’re struggling with articulation. Here are some ways to identify whether or not you’re struggling with articulation and how to fix it:

Record yourself: First step is to record yourself speaking. Record yourself talking to a friend, or in a meeting, etc. Then go back and listen for awkwardness like monotone, run on sentences, mumbling and filler words.

Monitor the number of filler words you use: Filler words are words you use in between thoughts and statements. They can be very annoying and can make a conversation a lot longer than it needs to be. Start noticing whether or not you’re using filler words. Before you get ready to use one, stop, breathe and think about what your next real word will be.

Fully say each word: Sometimes, people will mumble the last sound or trail off into the next sentence. Be sure to fully say each word, even the last ones of every sentence.

Speak with confidence: One of the most powerful ways to become more articulate is by speaking with confidence. That means chin up when you speak, straighten your back and look the other person in the eye. Also, just telling yourself, “I’m being confident right now.” will help.

Think before you say anything: Have your thoughts together before speaking so your sentences make sense.

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