8 Spotify Playlists For Boosted Productivity

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love music. Music is the perfect addition to almost any situation; if you’re bored, sad, angry, excited, or feeling lazy, there’s a soundtrack for it.

Music can be especially useful if you need a productivity boost — there’s nothing like putting on your favorite music and getting all that neglected housework done. If you’re looking for those perfect soundtrack for boosted productivity, try these 8 Spotify playlists.

Pop Study

If you want to focus but can’t stand those boring soft piano playlists, we get you. This playlist strings together pop hits that are just smooth enough to let you focus on getting things done while occasionally singing along.

AM Commute

From Coldplay to Kanye, this playlist will have you eager to get down to work and kick butt.


The name says it all — whether you’re pulling more of an all-day-er than an all-nighter, this playlist features electronic tunes to keep you going until the last page of that report is finally finished.

Study Vibes

This playlist is prepared to provide you 3.5 hours of chilled but up-tempo electronic beats that can keep you moving but also keep you focused.

Work From Home

From Alicia Keys to Feist and even Panic! At The Disco, this playlist is 8 hours of pure upbeat motivation to keep your productivity flowing even while working from home.

Get Chores Done

With over 124,000 followers, this playlist is clearly useful for more than just getting some chores done. The songs on this Spotify playlist will kick your productivity into overdrive no matter what task is at hand.

Music for a Workday

Another solid 8 hours of music to keep you motivated during your workday. This playlist will please even the pickiest music lovers. With Sade and Frank Ocean, you simply can’t go wrong.

Feelin’ Good

Is your workday slugging by? Are you feeling unmotivated and self-critical? We know those days are bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply a little medicinal music. This playlist will help you boost your productivity and boost your mood. With 2,900,000+ followers, you can trust this playlist is the real deal.

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