How to Tackle Chest Acne

You’ve got your outfit ready, hair ready, make-up done, and you walk in front of the mirror for one final check when — there it is. The dreaded cute-neckline-killer: chest acne. The frustration of putting on a cute top only to be upstaged by chest acne is a struggle we sympathize with. Luckily, dealing with chest acne is often just about extending your skincare practice slightly lower. Here’s how to get a handle on chest acne and not have to worry about what necklines you can wear again.

Chest acne can take many forms, like full-on pimples or more subtle whiteheads, but whichever type of chest acne you’re dealing with, a straightforward skincare rule always applies — cleanse!

Showering daily and using the same cleanser you use on your face for your chest is a significant first step in getting your chest acne under control. Try a cleanser with salicylic acid, like the Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser, for more powerful skin clearing results. It also helps to exfoliate the area where you’re struggling with acne to help ensure your pores aren’t getting clogged with debris or dead skin build-up.

If you’re rolling your eyes because duh, of course, you shower, cleanse, and exfoliate — don’t worry, we’re bringing out the big guns next. Now you must do a little detective work to decipher what exactly is causing your chest acne that might be environmental and thus in your control.

One culprit could be a lotion you’re using that might do a beautiful job of moisturizing the rest of your body but causes clogged pores and breakouts on your chest.

Another possible issue is your detergent, which likely contains irritants like fragrance, sulfates, dyes, and brighteners, all of which are known to be harmful in many ways, including skin irritation. If your detergent isn’t to blame, even something as innocuous as a new shampoo can cause chest acne.

Unlike your face, chest acne can often be caused by what you wear and when. If you tend to workout and then plop down on the couch for a bit (speaking from experience here), you’re increasing your likelihood of chest acne with every passing moment. Trapping sweat against your skin is a quick recipe for acne where you don’t want it. Try immediately showering after working out or wearing more loose-fitting tops to avoid debris getting pushed into your pores. If you don’t have the time, carry a shower wipe with you, like the Yuni Shower Sheets, for a quick refresh.

Chest acne is frustrating because it can take center stage when you really want the attention on your outfit. Trying these tips is bound to get to the bottom of your chest acne problem and get you on the road to clear skin.

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