What I Learned From Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s Breakup

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Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s relationship trajectory, from whirlwind romance to a very public and messy breakup, didn’t surprise us loyal Bachelor Nation members. Yes, most couples from the franchise end up breaking it off in the long run, but this was one of the quicker splits that taught me a few lessons about dating.

Love at First Sight Can Be One-Sided

The first thing I learned from this breakup is that love at first sight is definitely real, but that doesn’t mean it’s two-sided. Clare famously uttered the words “I definitely feel like I just met my husband” as soon as Dale stepped out of the limo on night one. Viewers were skeptical of Clare’s sudden interest in Dale and assumed that they must have had some type of history before the cameras started rolling in Palm Desert. Did Dale also feel that instant spark? As a viewer, it didn’t look like it, and he never mentioned it.

Don’t Force a Connection

After this groundbreaking moment for Clare, she couldn’t focus on anyone other than Dale. We’ve all been there. You’re so infatuated with someone that you only have eyes for them. It happens. But in this situation, she rushed it. No one else mattered. The show didn’t matter anymore. The opportunity to be The Bachelorette no longer mattered. She wanted to call off the show and run off into the sunset with Dale by her side.

When Dale found out that the other men went home, he seemed genuinely shocked. The rest of Clare’s season seemed rushed and manufactured. It seemed like Dale was being pushed into proposing to Clare—and, of course, that’s the point of The Bachelorette.

Don’t Rush Love

Like most celebrity splits, this one’s starting to get messy. Rumors are emerging of Dale’s infidelity. Tabloids are slamming him as a “fame-hungry” man that used Clare for his 15 minutes of fame. We’ll never know what really went on behind closed doors, but the public’s not shocked. People sadly saw this one coming, even though Clare did not. We may want love and marriage so badly that we forget that relationships take time.

Love doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely doesn’t happen in a few short days or weeks. Yes, you may really, really like someone right away, but real love takes time.

If you’re a part of Bachelor Nation, it’s a sad day to know that another one bites the dust. But use this one as a lesson in dating and love. All things take time to grow. Be patient and don’t shun opportunities to meet the right person. Continue to be open-minded. They’re out there, we promise.

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