Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Create Memories in Your Relationship

We sometimes forget that even the simplest things can create the fondest memories. These thoughtful gift ideas are meant to inspire some fun memory-making with the person you love.

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition ($49.99, shop here)

Are you up for a ridiculously awesome, extremely entertaining challenge? The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition acts as a scratch-off scrapbook. Simply flip open to a page, scratch off a challenge, and complete it! What’s the catch? You have to do the challenge once it’s scratched off – no quitters allowed. It’s not all about romance, though some adventures lean toward romantic gestures. Others are spontaneous, allowing you to branch out of your comfort zone together. The challenges don’t exceed $50, and many can be modified to be more budget-friendly. Be sure to document how the shenanigan worked out and take photos if you see fit!

NoteCube Little Gestures ($49, shop here)

NoteCube is an Australia-based company that was once all about writing customized notes to strategically place around the house, workplace, or car for your significant other to find. Now, it has expanded its line with its Little Gestures couples game. The box is filled with small paper cards containing different “gestures.” Once you select a card, you must follow it through. Don’t worry: The gestures never exceed the cost of a coffee. And they don’t take up too much time, either. This game is a win-win that creates memories for years to come.

100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster ($29.97, shop here)

There are so many activities you and your partner can do together, but it’s so easy to get into a routine. The 100 Dates Scratch-Off Poster has you covered from here on out. Re-create your first date, purchase tickets to a play at the local theater, go ice skating, take a cooking class, or get your dance on. The list continues and will keep you entertained and making memories for a long time.

Our Q&A a Day:3-Year Journal for Couples ($10.28, shop here)

If you like to write, this is the memory-making journal for you. This three-year Q&A diary taps into both your minds. It asks personal questions about you, your partner, and your relationship for both of you to answer. You’ll learn a lot about one another and get the chance to document some wonderful memories.

The Quiz Book Book for Couples ($7.99, shop here)

Who doesn’t love a good relationship quiz? It isn’t graded, but you can agree to the reward system suggested inside the booklet if you want. Be honest in your answers; you will get to know one another on an entirely different level. Not to mention, it’ll help you develop a solid foundation for the future.

Our Bucket List Journal ($6.99, shop here)

Our Bucket List allows you and your SO to write down some short- and long-term bucket list items, whether traveling, finishing your degree, starting a family, or participating in charity events. You can jot down some important details, put a time stamp on the goal, and document when and where you completed it. Some items can be for you or your partner individually, while others can be for both of you.

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