Phone Dating With Your S/O?

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, exploring the available options, or you proudly wear your singleness as a badge of honor, you’ve likely been asked to partake in some risqué texting during quarantine. And, like all things, the risqué isn’t without its risks. So if you’re toeing the line between keeping it clean and getting dirty, consider these factors before making any commitments.

Gauge Your Comfort Level

First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not this is even something you’re comfortable with. Regardless of how many times you’ve been propositioned, you should never feel forced or obligated to participate if you’re uncomfortable.

Conversely, if you’re curious, don’t be afraid to push yourself slightly outside of your comfort zone with someone you trust. While it should never be forced upon you, moving past your hesitation may help you build a stronger connection with your partner. Set boundaries as to how far you’re willing to go and don’t allow the other person to push them.

Judge Your Trust Level

Another important factor in determining whether or not it’s worth engaging in a few sexts (or sexy calls) with a partner is whether or not you trust them, especially if your conversation escalates to visuals.

Remember that text messages, photos, and other incriminating information can be stored, saved, and released at the will of the other person. So, if you have reason to question their character, or worried about these things entering the internet universe for any reason, it may be better to avoid hard evidence.

If you’re talking to someone new and you haven’t developed any trust yet, it might be best to politely decline, at least for now. If you’re in a loving, trusting relationship, letting loose and engaging in some risqué conversation might be the spark that ignites a new fire in your love life.

Think About Your Satisfaction

Women are often sidelined when it comes to their sexual satisfaction. Choosing to flirt via a phone call or texting should be a mutually beneficial interaction in which all parties end the conversation satisfied. Whatever that means for you, make sure you are communicating that information with your partner and vice versa. Communication is key, even in a virtual conversation that’s driven by sexual factors.

Weigh the Risk v. Reward Ratio

Last, but certainly not least, you should always weigh the risk versus reward ratio. While the last thing a passionate conversation needs is a clinical thought process to precede it, you have to look out for yourself. Whatever your situation, just make sure you think it through and proceed according to your own desires, not someone else’s.

This whole situation can be awkward and uncomfortable, and can negatively impact your feelings about someone. Conversely, it can bring a trusting relationship to a new level of emotional connection. It all depends on communication, preference, and boundaries. So stay true to yourself and proceed with caution, but always enjoy the ride.

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