How to Deal With Micromanagers at Work

Micromanagers can be a complicated situation to deal with at work, leading you to feel stressed, under immense pressure, and unmotivated. Here are some ways to deal with micromanagers at work.

Communication and Reassurance is Key 

With a micromanager, there are often obvious reasons why they are micromanaging. It can often come from a fear of failure, but whatever their reasoning, you need to reach out to them and let them know that you will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. Reassure them by saying you will keep them updated with tasks, workload, and goals. If this means regularly booking in meetings, then explain that you’re happy to go ahead with this. Try to prove to them that they can trust you, and naturally, they should loosen up.

Encourage Them to Share Control 

Many micromanagers have to be in control of all situations, which makes it hard for them to take a back seat on certain projects or day-to-day tasks. This can become more stressful for both parties involved, though, and it doesn’t always have a positive outcome. Try to negotiate and come to a compromise with certain processes that you’re not feeling comfortable with. For example, if they take over in meetings, ask if you can go to some alone, but also include them in other tasks or meetings where possible. Finding a balance is a healthy and fair way to move forward.

Be As Open As Possible 

Micromanagers often take control since they feel like if they don’t, they will be left in the dark. It would be best if you kept your managers in the loop with anything that is important or involves them. They need not know your every mood, but they will soon appreciate the updates you provide them with, and they will begin to trust you more, leaving them more comfortable to take a step back.

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