The Squat Machine…What Is It And Does It Work?

No one wants a flat, limp bottom, so we get why you could be a little envious when you see someone with the impossibly perky and round bum.

While an apple bottom may certainly be #goals, wanting one isn’t always enough motivation to get it…especially if it means working out many hours a day.

Even if you’re okay with working out, but haven’t been able to get your bum the way you want it, there’s a solution that could help. It’s the squat machine by The DB Method and it promises to give you the butt of your dreams.

It’s about $229, so it’s an investment, but it’s good for those who want a small machine to work out on at home.

Couple this with the squat challenge (simply Google “squat challenge” for tons of results), and you’ll be well on your way to having your very own dream butt.

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