The Shoe Aesthetic You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of Soon

Those who remember the fashion scene during the late ’90s may recall the rise of the “schoolgirl shoe” (you know, back when officewear was more than acceptable for the average teenager to wear to school). Some aspects of this aesthetic had a blip of a resurgence in recent years, specifically trousers and blazers, and we have an inkling as to what will follow suit. That’s right! Strappy sandals are taking the back burner and being replaced by chunky leather schoolgirl shoes. Here are a few styles to add to your collection before they sell out.

Penny Loafers

The unofficial face of the schoolgirl shoe is the penny loafer: They are classic, comfortable, versatile, and can work with a number of different outfits. You can rock them with a pair of jeans for a casual look or with a skirt to really lean into their academic air.

Our Pick: ASOS Design Mulled Chunky Loafers ($48, shop here)


Add a masculine structure to your look by swapping your sneakers for a pair of oxfords. The classic shoes are traditionally worn during formal occasions but can be dressed up or down as needed. Not only are they full of intricate details that earn them the “oxford” title, but they’re also some of the most comfortable shoes you can own.

Our Pick: Mix No. 6 Gustava Oxford ($49.99, shop here)


We can’t mention oxfords without mentioning their counterpart: brogues. Many style enthusiasts use the two names synonymously, but there are nuances between the looks: Brogues have distinct ornamental perforations in the design that circulate air throughout the shoe, making them super-comfortable and stylish.

Our Pick: ASOS Design Mayan Chunky Lace-Up Flat Shoes ($100, shop here)

Mary Janes

You may have owned a pair of Mary Janes as a child, but did you ever think they would follow you to your adult life? The most notable feature of Mary Janes is the buckle strap, which makes them the perfect shoe if walking is your commute of choice! Outside of comfort, Mary Janes are practical and add a “cute” vibe to any outfit. And, with the right accessories, you can make them edgy if the occasion calls for it.

Our Pick: Dr. Martens 8065 Smooth Leather Mary Jane Shoes ($130, shop here)

Are you hopping onto the schoolgirl shoe trend, or is it something you’re going to pass on this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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