Kids’ Movies That Are Even Better As Adults

Movies are a part of life. And the ones we love, we hold dear to us – so much so we watch them multiple times throughout our lives. But now that we are adults, we see some of our favorite childhood movies with a renewed perspective, as many of them have a more mature comedic side that once went over our heads. We can now enjoy them in a whole new way – perhaps more than we did as children! Below is a list of our favorite kids’ movies that we think are even better as adults!

The Incredibles

This 2004 animated Pixar film follows members of a suburban family who also happen to be superheroes. Not only are the parents relatable in their “normal” adult routines, but there are plenty of jokes and innuendo that make us laugh out loud more today than we did back then. Watch now on Disney Plus.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Children enjoy the cartoon characters interacting with real people in this nostalgic 1988 Disney classic, but the rest of us are provided with plenty of adult humor for the entirety of the film. Watch now on Disney Plus.


This 2001 Dreamworks film is a twist on classic fairy tales riddled with adult humor and references that we increasingly recognize as we get older. (Ahem, Lord Farquaad…Think about it.) Watch now on Amazon Freevee.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a beloved family movie from the early ’90s starring the late Robin Williams, whose ability to portray a hilarious, down-on-his-luck, empathetic, and wacky individual carries the film. Many parts of this movie probably went over your head as a kid, but they remain hidden for us to discover now as our parents did when we were younger. Watch now on YouTube.

The Princess Bride

If you loved The Princess Bride as a child, you will love it even more now as an adult. The 1987 film is full of satirical humor that continues to hold up even today. It remains immensely entertaining for people of all ages. Watch now on Disney Plus.

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