Saying Bye-Bye To Clothing & Makeup Trends Of 2016

As we head into a New Year, there are things we must say good-bye to here in 2016. After all when the clock strikes midnight, you’re going to feel like a brand new person, so no need to bring looks of the past with you. Since makeup and clothing trends have a tendency to change year after year, you are allowed to make the switch without feeling guilt :).

Here are some fashion items that may be left behind in 2016.

Fur Pom Poms – Depending on where you spent most of your time, you couldn’t turn a corner without seeing someone wearing fur pom poms. Although they were fun, they have had their time in the sun. Less and less people are wearing them making this likely a thing of the past in 2017.

Patent Leather Bottoms – According to fashion blogger, Olivia Lazuardy, black and red patent leather bottoms have had their hay day. 2017 will be a year where they won’t be as popular.

Too Short or Too Tight – The skimpier looks will likely be left behind as well.  Lazuardy says that 2017 will be a time for more modest and elegant looks such as pleated midi length skirts with long and loose silhouettes.

Wine Stained Lips – The deep red lip is about to retire in 2016 and be replaced with softer colors.

Stenciled Eyebrows – It’s time to let go of the stencils. 2017 will be relaxed as we see more of the untamed brow.

Smokey Eyes – No more smoky eyed look. This effect will be replaced in 2017 with clean and graphic lines.

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