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Image via JW Pei The Fae top Handle Bag

Whether you like to keep your load light or carry your whole life with you wherever you go, you need a bag that is both trusty and statement-making. Keep reading for the 2021 purse trends we’re drooling over.

Structured Shoulder

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With the recent 90s revival, we were all bracing ourselves for an early 2000s revival, and well, here it is. Thankfully, we’re starting with structured shoulder bags and not low-rise, hip-hugger jeans (the horror!). If you prefer a vegan bag that will always hold its shape, then the structured shoulder bag is the one for you.

JW Pei The Fae top Handle Bag (Shop here, $56.00)


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We will always champion minimalist styles, whether we’re talkin’ clothes, shoes, or handbags. Minimalist bags are a great option if you like to have one bag for everything. Most people choose their favorite neutral—this bag has to go with everything.

Minimalist bags are super fun to shop for. Even though you’re going for a “simple” look, you don’t have to shy away from a fun strap or a bag scarf to express a little personality. We’re all for accessorizing your accessories! If the neutral minimalist route isn’t your thing, opt for a funky color. There are no rules when it comes to finding your perfect minimalist bag.

Madewell The Transport Saddlebag (Shop here, $148.00)

Large and In Charge, Yet Functional

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This bag is for all of you who don’t leave the house without everything you could possibly need, ever. These large yet functional bags are also great for those of you who need to carry your entire WFH office in one bag. These bags often have organizer pockets on the inside and a fair amount of room for larger items. Some come with several smaller pouches to help you sort your necessities.

Maybe you prefer a structured rectangular bag in all black for the office. If you’re feeling a little more boho, try a slouchy leather bag or even an oversized knit bag.

The Marc Jacobs Large Tote Bag (Shop here, $195.00)


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If you know, you know. Crossbody bags are so convenient, and luckily, this bag isn’t going out of style.

First, it was the hobo crossbody. Then, we saw crossbody bags grow smaller and smaller. In 2021, anything goes. Whatever shape you want, in whatever color, print, or texture you want. We recommend a funky color or accent chain to make your bag stand out.

Pro tip: All the cool kids are wearing their crossbody bags at waist-height.

ALLSAINTS Vincent Leather Crossbody Bag (Shop here, $134.97)

Statement Shapes

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We are super excited about this trend. Not that we don’t love the classic rectangular or square handbag—it’s just that we didn’t realize how much we loved a triangle or spherical bag. Whether you go for the hexagonshaped bag in beige or a spherical-shaped bag in bubblegum pink, a statement shape bag is a great way to, well, make a statement (and that statement is that you are trendy).

ASOS Design oversized ruched clutch bag in beige (Shop here, $29.00)

Woven Bags

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Sophia Petrillo, but make it fashion. Oversized woven hats and wicker furniture have had their moment—it’s time for the woven bag. Not only is this style perfect for neutral lovers, but a woven bag also adds a ton of texture to any outfit. If you like the woven bag trend, but brown isn’t your thing, don’t worry! You can find woven bags in all colors, shapes, and designs.

Loeffler Randall Mallory Woven Crossbody Bag (Shop here, $350.00)

Water Bottle Bags

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Yeah, you read that right. Water. Bottle. Bags. Bags for your water bottle. Fashionable ones in all shapes and colors, and yes, even designer bags for your water bottle.

Whatever helps the people stay hydrated, right?

Corkcicle Carry Sling Bag (Shop here, $24.98)


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