How to Make Your Loungewear Très Chic

Black leggings and yoga pants have been popular for several years. But since the pandemic, loungewear has become even more fashionable. We’re firm believers that you can always take your outfit up a notch, so here are some tips for dressing up loungewear – you know, if you want to look a little extra snazzy for your Door Dasher.

Tuck It In

We see this often with non-loungewear outfits: The mere act of tucking in your shirt can take your look from low key to high fashion. The same thing is true for loungewear. A simple French tuck can do wonders for making you look more put-together.


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Accessories are another simple way to transform an outfit, so don’t shy away from adding a bold gold chain to your sweats or biker shorts and crop-top ensemble. Oversized sunglasses, combat boots, and handbags also make great additions to your otherwise chill look.


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Monochromatic outfits have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and loungewear has not been left out of that trend. There is something extra-chic about a white cropped top paired with white joggers. Combine this look with our previous tip about accessories (like a handbag and oversized sunglasses), and you’ve got yourself a whole ’fit.

Layer Up

If it’s cold where you live, try pairing an oversized chunky knit sweater over your loungewear to create some dimension with your outfit. This is also a great way to add a touch of color or another monochrome element if that’s more your style.

Consider It Cropped

We love the look of a clean cropped tee. But if the thought of cutting up your favorite oversized tee makes you a little nervous, we suggest tucking it under your sports bra to give the illusion your top is cropped without any snipping.

Play Up Proportions

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It can be tempting to throw on your favorite pair of baggy sweats with an oversized sweatshirt. Although this is crazy comfy, it doesn’t do anything for your proportions. If you plan on wearing your loungewear out of the house, keep in mind that looking more put-together may be as easy as balancing out your pieces.

Make a Statement

Much like adding a sweater can transform your outfit, adding a statement coat can take it to a new level. If you’re rocking one of those monochromatic jogger and crop-top combos, we recommend throwing on a coat and some crisp, white sneakers.

Have Sandals, Will Travel

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If you have a pair of basic, sensible, and comfortable sandals, we suggest pairing them with clothes that perfectly contrast their chill vibes (like a maxi dress or a delicate, floral wrap skirt) for an outfit with interesting dynamics.

Got any more tips for dressing up your loungewear? Share them with us in the comments below!

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