How to Overcome Dry Texts

When it comes to the world of dating, letting your personality shine via text can be challenging. These tips will help you breathe new life into dry text conversations.

Ditch the One-Word Responses

One-word responses are a surefire way to end a conversation. Instead, opt for lengthier, more meaningful responses, or a question. If you’re dealing with a one-word texter, it’s possible they aren’t interested. If after a few rounds of back and forth, you can’t get more than a single-word response, it may be time to cut the loss.

Use Imagery

Just because you don’t have a way with words doesn’t mean your texting conversation needs to be left high and dry. Try using imagery such as memes, gifs, or emojis to convey personality when your words aren’t doing the trick.

Don’t Take Too Long

Forget any “rules” regarding the amount of time to wait before responding to a text. Worthwhile individuals won’t make you wait, so you shouldn’t drag your feet either. Of course, there’s no need to drop everything to respond to a text right away. You can also always let the other person know if you’re busy and need to pick up the conversation again later.

Listen as Much as You Speak

Just as with an in-person conversation, it’s important to develop a strong balance of both “talking” and “listening” in your texts so that your discussions aren’t heavily one-sided. If not, you could be signaling that you’re uninterested, which could derail your conversation rather quickly.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask a yes-or-no question; get a yes-or-no answer. Rather than driving your conversation into the ground, try asking more thoughtful, open-ended questions that require more meaningful responses.

Pay Attention to the Undertones

There could be a reason you are stuck in a dry conversation. Sometimes, it’s because there’s a lack of chemistry. Other times, you could be talking to someone who is uninterested (or perhaps you are uninterested). If that’s the case, the conversation may not be worth saving.

Do you have any other tips for overcoming dry texts? Share them with us in the comments below!

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