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Gone are the days when we layered our faces with pore-clogging or redness-inducing cosmetic products. It’s time to embrace your natural skin texture with Hero Cosmetics, whose mission is to offer high-quality skincare products that work to combat acne and other skin issues while being sensitive enough for all skin types.

Where have you seen Hero Cosmetics before? You may be familiar with these products below!

Original Mighty Patch ($12.99, shop here)

This is one of the products that led to the recent online “pimple patch” craze. These adhesive patches are made of plant-based hydrocolloid, a natural fluid-absorbing gel that brings pimples to the surface overnight while reducing your urge to pick. Oh, how satisfying it feels when you peel the patch off in the morning to reveal the gunk that’s been lifted!

Since the Mighty Patch gained success, Hero Cosmetics has released several other acne-fighting products. Here are some of our favorites.

Rescue Balm ($12.99, shop here)

The fragrance-free Rescue Balm is formulated with skin-soothing ingredients like vitamin E, oligopeptides, panthenol, and beta-glucan. It is designed to treat the aftermath of red spots, dark marks, scaly patches, bumps, and other post-blemish recovery needs. It even works for pimples that you just couldn’t resist popping. The Rescue Balm is also available in another formula called Rescue Balm + Red Correct ($12.99, shop here), which adds a green tint to the skin to neutralize redness.

Brave Body Power Wash ($14.99, shop here)

The newest line from Hero is Brave Body, which is designed to treat body acne blemishes. Free of colors, dyes, and sulfates, the Power Wash gently cleanses the skin while unclogging pores and leaving it feeling nourished. It is formulated with PHA (polyhydroxy acid), a gentle chemical exfoliant, and the “Mighty Mineral Complex,” a combination of copper, silver, and malachite that helps balance skin bacteria.

Superlight Sunscreen SPF 30 ($19.99, shop here)

By now, you likely understand the importance of sunscreen. But it can be tricky to find the correct formula – especially if you have acne-prone skin. Hero’s 100% mineral SPF 30 sunscreen is lightweight, non-comedogenic, and offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. In addition, it’s reef-safe and free of fragrances and silicone.

Mineral Melt Body Moisturizer ($14.99, shop here)

Our skin needs moisture! Hero’s Mineral Melt is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, Mighty Mineral Complex, AHA, and bakuchiol designed to nourish and hydrate skin in seconds. It blends into the skin seamlessly, so it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Combine this with the Power Wash for the ultimate healthy skin combo.

Have you tried these or any other products from Hero Cosmetics? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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