How to Accelerate Eyelash Growth Naturally

Not everyone can be blessed with long, luscious natural lashes – which is why mascara and fake lashes exist! But just because you don’t have long lashes now doesn’t mean they’re unattainable! Stop spending your funds on lash strips and extensions and test out these natural ways to accelerate growth instead.


Our first tip is to give it time! Eyelashes grow slower than the hair on your head, taking, on average, one to two months to grow (though this varies based on hygiene, genetics, care, and more). As you try different techniques, be patient with seeing the results.

Don’t Underestimate Diet

Your skin, hair, and health all improve with a healthy diet – so it makes perfect sense that your lashes will too! To stimulate hair growth, add some nuts or eggs to your diet for protein, some fruits and veggies for the vitamins and minerals, and don’t forget to eat some fish for the fatty acids.

Try a Lash Conditioner

Much like your hair, lashes will break if they become brittle, so you need to keep them strong. A lash conditioner can help strengthen lashes and promote hair growth.

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Moisturize With Natural Ingredients

If you want something more natural than a store-bought lash conditioner, grab some castor oil or olive oil. All you have to do is swipe the oil onto your lashes before bed using a cotton swab, and it will condition as you snooze.


Biotin is a supplement that is believed to accelerate hair and nail growth. It’s easy to find in pill or gummy form to add to your routine. If you want to consume more biotin naturally, you can eat more salmon, whole grains, chicken, or nuts.

Stay Away From Waterproof

Waterproof and long-lasting mascara formulas are very convenient, but your lashes don’t love them as much as you do. These formulas often contain waxes and silicones that repel water, but they also dry out your lashes (which is why lash conditioner is so important if you use waterproof mascara).

Avoid False Lashes

Like any beauty product, there are risks associated with false eyelashes. Lash glue can pull your lashes out, stick them together, or irritate your follicles. Avoiding falsies is a best practice when trying to stimulate natural lash growth.

Goodbye, lash strips and extensions! These tips can help you grow the eyelashes of your dreams, naturally!

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