Find The Perfect Lip Color For Your Skin Tone

Whether you prefer lipstick, a stain, or a gloss, there are so many colors available it can be hard to choose. Does the color suit you? Does it enhance your natural coloring? Does it clash or wash you out?

There are some universally flattering shades like a blue-tones red that makes the teeth appear whiter. This is a color that works on almost all skin tones and shades. It is classic and always appealing. Unless you want to stick with red as your lip color every day, though, it’s good to know what lip colors best suit your skin tone. You’ll be shocked by how much the right lip color can brighten and enhance your coloring.

Warm-toned skin

For those with warm-toned skin, you are probably used to reaching for a foundation that has more of a gold, yellow, or peachy undertone, so, as a general rule of thumb, warm-toned skin looks best with warm-toned lip shades. Orangey-reds, corals, peaches, and browns will be more flattering. Try Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in Blood Orange (click here) for an orangey-red lip with some shine and moisture, or opt for a peachy brown like Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Spice (click here) for something more understated.

Olive-Toned Skin

Olive-toned skin always looks a bit tanned. Even when your skin hasn’t seen the sun in ages, it never looks pale. Olive skin has subtle differences from warm-toned skin, and tends to be overlooked or misrepresented in makeup. When the wrong colors are applied, olive skin can look washed out rather than glowing.

Reaching for warm lip shades that accentuate the more golden elements of your skin is the best way to go. Depending on your preferences, you can go for a rich plummy shade like Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Griselda (click here), or a golden nude. Avoid too much pink as it can look pale and cakey.

Cool-Toned Skin

People with very fair complexions usually have cool-toned skin. If your skin burns easily and you look best in silver jewelry, you probably have cool-toned skin. You’ll look best in lip colors that have a blue hue or undertone.

Pinks, berries, cherries, and even purples flatter cool-toned skin. A great matte lipstick in deep berry is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Festival Magic (click here). If you want something a little less deep and intense, Glossier Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick in Like (click here) is perfect.

Neutral Skin

Neutral skin has the best of both worlds. It can pull cool and warm, so almost all lip colors will be suitable. They can pull off silver and gold jewelry, any lip color, and any hair color.

This means it is very hard to go wrong with lip colors. If you’re unsure, try a sample, swatch, or even use virtual try-on apps to see what colors would best suit you. The perfect lip colors for your skin tone is just a swatch away.

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