I Tried Daily Harvest- Here’s What I Thought

After a 10 hour shift, either WFH or out on the job-site, the last thing you want to do when you are done with work is cook. How do you get through those long days while still eating healthy? Ditch the drive-thru and look no further than Daily Harvest—a subscription meal service focused on plant-based plates and smoothies.

I have to admit, I was influenced. Scrolling through Instagram, the Daily Harvest ad reeled me in with its gorgeous looking smoothies. While I’m not a huge fan of committing to a subscription, the best part about this plan is that you can skip as many shipments as you’d like. They’ll even send you a text the day before you’re charged to remind you to edit your box or skip for the week.

How it Works

There are several box size options corresponding to how many meals you’d like in one week. From smoothies to bowls to flatbreads, there’s a variety of healthy options. I opted for a 9-item box consisting of 8 smoothies and one cup of “bites”.

When unboxing my shipment, I loved seeing all of the ingredients printed boldly on each smoothie cup—you know exactly what you’re eating. You just pour the contents of the smoothie into your blender, add a liquid of your choice (water, coconut water, almond milk, etc.), blend, then pour back into the cup.


No, the smoothies don’t look as full and beautiful as they do on their Instagram, but they do taste delicious. Yes, you can make your own smoothies at home, but Daily Harvest smoothies have fun and unique superfood ingredients that you wouldn’t normally find at your local grocery store, like goji berry, chlorella, and maca. Their recipes are designed by nutritionists to be as energizing and nutritious as possible—something you likely aren’t considering with your home smoothies.

I also tried their frozen bites, and if you like cookie dough, you need to try these. They are a chickpea-based ball of goodness. You get your sweet fix and they’re full of protein. That’s a win-win!

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