Celebrity Beauty Brands To Try Out For Yourself

If you have ever wanted to achieve a celebrity’s complete beauty look without paying the big bucks (and haven’t we all?), your time has finally come. Welcome to the era of celeb beauty. It seems like every other day another celebrity has decided to launch their own beauty brand and take the beauty industry by storm.

Even though the beauty industry can seem over-saturated, we can’t get enough of these celebrity beauty products. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular celebrity beauty brands that actually deliver on product quality. Read on to see which celeb faves to go ahead and try for yourself!


The world stopped when the queen of everything, Rhianna, dropped the news that she was starting her own super-inclusive beauty brand in 2017. Fenty Beauty has skyrocketed to one of the most popular celebrity beauty brands, with its selection of 50 different foundation shades (click here).

Lady Gaga

If you have ever wanted to achieve Lady Gaga’s beautiful and bold make-up looks, now is your time to shine. Haus Laboratories will provide you with all the products you need to achieve Lady Gaga’s bold, iconic look. Make sure to try her cat-eye stickers! You will never have to worry about uneven liner ever again (click here).

Millie Bobby Brown

Is there anything Millie can’t do? The Stranger Things actress created her own beauty line, Florence by Mills, full of affordable skincare and beauty products that everyone can enjoy. Did we mention everything is made with clean ingredients?! Total score (click here).

Addison Rae

Tik-Tok star Addison Rae has rocketed to internet fame this year—and has wasted no time building her empire. The star recently launched her first beauty line, Item Beauty, along with Madeby Collective. The teen’s beauty line is full of affordable, simple, and easy-to-use products (click here).

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been building the Honest Company empire since 2011. Now, in addition to ethical and sustainable lifestyle and hair products, you can find just as conscious and simple beauty products. Our must-try is their highest-rated product, the Hydrogel Cream. Ready to fall in love? (Click here)

Kylie Jenner

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Kylie Jenner’s billion (or is it million?)-dollar beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner started her beauty brand in 2015 with a collection of immediately famous lip kits. She’s since released a wider range of makeup products from eyeshadow pallets to skincare. (Click here).

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has finally let all of her fans in on her beauty and makeup secrets with her sought after line of complexion-perfecting products, KKW Beauty. She launched her brand in 2017, two years after Kylie Cosmetics. Fortunately, there is enough room for two Kardashian-Jenners in the beauty world. (Click here).


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