Shop for Awareness: Clothing Stores that Support Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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October 1st marked the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which aims to unite victims, advocates, and survivors in the shared mission to end domestic violence. The staggering truth is that, on average, one in three women will experience physical violence, rape, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in her lifetime. In the midst of a pandemic that has only worsened these statistics, now more than ever, it’s important to join the fight to end domestic violence.

These apparel brands all offer fashionable, trendy, and downright philanthropic pieces in the interest of raising awareness, so you don’t have to feel “as” guilty buying new clothes.

Angel Energy

An organization with a clear message, Angel Energy is dedicated to raising domestic violence awareness year round. In fact, every month, the organization donates 25% of proceeds to new charities that support domestic violence victims.

Angel Energy might have a limited selection in terms of overall items, but practically endless possibilities in terms of supporting the cause.

Our Pick: Dreamer Cropped Hoodie, $60 (click here)

Purpose Jewelry

If you’re in the market for trendy, meaningful accessories, Purpose Jewelry is here for you, while simultaneously empowering young women worldwide to escape from human trafficking.

The organization has a three-pronged approach; creating a home, a sense of belonging, restoring trust, and promoting individual growth amongst victims while advocating for hope, dignity and freedom.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, processed, signed, packaged, inventoried, and shipped by a survivor. If that alone doesn’t have you reaching for the nearest credit card, the sheer, elegant beauty of each piece certainly will.

Our Pick: Unity Bracelet, $26 (click here)

Our Sacred Women

When it comes to female empowerment, this organization has it all. It’s their mission to affirm the “sacred essence” of women (inclusive of Mother Nature) by providing sustainable, organic products that promote positive, healthy self-imagery.

In addition, Our Sacred Women donates 10% of their proceeds to The Breathe Network, which, amongst so many other amazing initiatives, connects transformative, holistic healing arts and trauma-informed practitioners with sexual violence survivors across the United States.

While the selection is limited in terms of apparel options, the messaging is not. Even a purchase of a single piece has the ability to help transform a life.

Our Pick: Women Are Sacred T-Shirt, $65 (click here)


Aimed specifically at assisting female sex trafficking victims in building a future, Elegantees offers sewing jobs to women victimized by sex trafficking in Nepal, an area that ranks high for human trafficking on a worldwide scale.

Elegantees firmly believes that opportunity makes all the difference, so they promote professional development, independence, confidence, and an improved sense of self by employing women and providing them with a livable income.

The brand offers typical clothing categories with higher-than-typical price tags, but is transparently self-aware when it comes to alike-item cost comparisons between their brand and popular retail chains. Every piece purchased serves a greater purpose than simply elevating your personal collection, making the transaction worth every penny.

Our Pick: Murray Tiered Skirt in Dusty Mauve, $49 (click here)

For many, October marks the beginning of traditional fall activities, such as visiting pumpkin patches, costume shopping, and trick-or-treating. As those gory horror films call your name, the bleeding hearts of the world shift the focus to a much more frightening (and serious) issue: domestic violence. These apparel brands offer a way to not only raise domestic violence awareness, but to also ensure you look as fabulous as you feel in supporting such a worthy cause.

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