5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fashion Inspiration

With the rise of the fashion bloggers and influencers over the last 10 to 15 years, our perception of fashion and current style trends are increasingly contingent on what we see online and on social media. Who we follow informs our perception of what we think is exciting or essential style-wise, so it’s key to keep our social media following varied. That’s why we at Rethink Beautiful have compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram for your daily dose of fun and aspirational fashion inspiration.

Grece Ghanem 

Grece Ghanem is a Beirut-born, Montreal-based fashion influencer known for her signature silver bob and statement accessories, like Luis Via Roma’s chunky gold twist hoops. Named “the new icon of ageless style” by Vogue, this 55-year-old fashion aficionado is unafraid to stand out in a crowd. Ghanem’s message to her followers is to “Stay visible! Once women pass a certain age, they don’t get looked at anymore.” She noted in the same interview with Vogue magazine that she pays no mind to ageism in the fashion game and that she will “still wear things in a fun way,” because she doesn’t “have to disappear” as she gets older. Her confidence and fashion sense combined make her Instagram ideal for people looking for ways to style statement pieces and vibrant patterns into their everyday looks.

Discover Grece Ghanem’s eccentric style now on her Instagram page (click here).

Boobie Billie 

This adorable fashion influencer is an Italian greyhound and chihuahua mix known for rocking your favorite brands’ best looks. Highlighting accessories from Prada bucket hats to Tia Adeola’s pearl face mask and endless Jacquemus Chiquito bags, Boobie Billie always brings serious fashion game to the table. Boobie Billie posts pictures of herself while wearing popular items from happening houses, from heritage brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to up-and-comers like House of Sunny and Susan Alexandra. By following Instagram’s favorite dog fashion influencer, you’ll discover new brands on the market and new collections from your favorite brands.

Check out Boobie Billie’s style for yourself now on the dog’s Instagram page (click here).

Jordan Santos

Jordan Santos’s Instagram account is where fashion, beauty, and advocacy all intersect in the form of chic, minimalistic posts equipped with witty captions. Based in Los Angeles, this outspoken fashion influencer breaks up her posts of Bottega bags and organic face creams with scenic shots of ocean waves in Malibu and lunches at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. You’ll also find giveaways for people who volunteer with her via Votefwd, which encourages her followers to send letters to left-leaning and unlikely-to-vote registered voters in the United States. Santos’s account is ideal for anyone looking for the creme-de-la-creme Los Angeles spots, minimalist beauty, and style inspiration, as well as information on social issues. Basically, she’s the whole package.

Discover Jordan Santos’s lifestyle account for yourself now on her  (click here).

“Fat Anna Wintour”

“Fat Anna Wintour” is run by Anastasia Vartanian, a fashion journalism student studying at one of London’s most notable fashion schools, Central Saint Martins. Vartanian posts her hot takes on all things fashion, from industry moves to fashion throwbacks to the latest catwalks. This account is ideal for anyone who likes to stay abreast of all things fashion and fashion history, like the rise of Kimora Lee’s brand Baby Phat in the early 2000s. Vartanian’s posts range from catwalk images paired with well-crafted analyses to simple appreciation posts of past and current fashion.

You can find Anastasia Vartanian’s hot takes now on her Instagram page (click here).

“Platform Museum” 

The “Platform Museum” is a must-follow for vintage shoe lovers. Created by Audrey Vann to catalog her love of platforms in 2019, the account has since grown an ardent following to the tune of 24.1K fans. This account is ideal for anyone who likes 60s and 70s fashion, as many of the shoes are from that psychedelic era. Vann stated in an interview with Gem Search (a vintage shopping search engine), that she “love[s] platforms because they are the most insane kind of shoes…they represent glamour, confidence, and power.”

You can see the “Platform Museum” for yourself now on Audrey Vann’s Instagram page (click here).


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