Are Your Hair Products Breaking You Out?

You have a strict skincare regimen, drink plenty of water, and stick to a healthy diet…but you’re still breaking out. What’s the deal? Well, if those pimples happen to show up around your hairline, on your neck, back, or shoulders, your hair products could be the culprit.

Many hair products are oil-based, which often triggers acne in those who are already prone to breakouts. On top of that, ingredients such as petroleum, silicone, cocoa butter, sulfates, mineral oil, coconut oil, and lanolin can clog pores, especially if left on the skin for an extended time. So if you don’t wash your face up to your hairline, everything from shampoo to conditioner and hair spray can hang around on your skin.

Also, think about all the things that touch both your hair and your face: your pillows, sheets, hats, sunglasses, and more. These items can transfer hair products from your head to your face and body without you even realizing it.

So, do you have to stop using hair products? Nope! You just need to be a little more careful. Here are some tips:

  1. Be sure your skin is free of all hair products after bathing, and take extra care to rinse the areas that are breaking out.
  2. Wash or change your pillowcases regularly. Have a few to rotate, so you don’t have to be doing laundry constantly.
  3. Use a body wash with salicylic acid on your neck, back, shoulders, and hairline to help combat acne that has already sprouted.

With all of this in mind, some products may simply not be right for you. Sometimes, an allergic reaction can look like a breakout when, in fact, it’s a rash or irritation due to a specific ingredient. If you suspect that is the case, stop using the product and see if the problem clears up.

If you are still struggling, be sure to visit a dermatologist with a list of the skincare and haircare products you’re using so they can help you find a solution that works for you going forward.

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