Tips for Vacay With a New Bae

You’ve got a new boo, and it’s time for a major relationship test: your first vacation together! Follow these tips to feel out your partner’s travel vibes and minimize the chances for disaster.

Keep Your Circle Small

The best first bae-cation might not be not a spring break extravaganza with 20 of your closest friends. It’s not your family’s yearly beach trip, either! Taking a vacation just the two of you is the perfect test to see how you function with extended alone time and ensure you share the same desires for those precious days away from work.

Set an Agenda

Setting an agenda ahead of time will help you discover whether your partner desires to spend every moment on the move or poolside – and if you’re in alignment. If you’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, talk it out and compromise! Plan half of your time for seeing and doing and the other half for detoxing from everyday life.

Opt for Relaxation

Even if you’re both huge on mountain climbing or surfing, be sure to plan some downtime. Every couple is different, but a more laid-back experience is typically better for newer lovers. This allows for more one-on-one time and lowers stress as you get a feel for the other’s vacationing style.

Make It Short and Sweet

That two-week-long road trip might sound great, but for your first vacation together, it’s best to plan for a weekend. Spending days on end together, especially without really knowing each other for a long period of time, can lead to resentment of not knowing each other’s desires. Take it slow and test a shorter trip first.

Ready to take the next step and travel with your new partner? Remember to play it safe and monitor your own actions and emotions in addition to theirs. By minimizing stress and ensuring everyone is on the same page, you can pass this relationship test with flying colors. Good luck!


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