What Are The Health Benefits of Playing Golf?

Gone are the stereotypes that golf is a retired man’s sport. These days, people of all ages are taking up golf and reaping its many health benefits. And you can, too! Here, we outline some of the positive effects that playing golf can have on your physical and mental health.

Vitamin D

Golf is an outdoor sport. And being out in the sunshine is the best way to get that Vitamin D your body craves. Not to mention, being outside and enjoying nature can help reduce anxiety and improve concentration. Just be sure to wear sunscreen!


Although golf is not a team sport, it is a very social activity. While you could tee up solo and enjoy some quiet time, it’s more likely that you’ll be paired with others during your round. You may find you’ll make connections about a shared love of the game.

Strength & Endurance

Golfing involves a lot of walking, which builds both strength and endurance. Even if you take a golf cart, there will still be more walking than you might expect. On average, those who golf sans cart walk roughly 5 miles in 18 holes, while those who opt for a golf cart still walk around 2-3 miles.

You Burn Calories

While golf isn’t the most high-energy sport, you still burn a lot of calories since you’re constantly moving.


A round of golf can do a lot for your heart by improving circulation and strengthening the muscles surrounding it. Exercising and keeping your heart rate up can naturally lower your risk of heart disease.

Balance and Core Strength

Any golfer will tell you that a quality game has everything to do with your swing. To carry out a balanced swing, you’ll have to focus on your balance and core.

Relieve Stress & Improve Mood

Golf isn’t just good for your physical health; it can also improve your mental health. If you’ve had a rough week, teeing up can be a great way to channel tension into one productive thing that involves hitting something. A harmless and effective way to relieve stress? We could all probably use that.

Let’s recap: When you go golfing, you walk a lot, you burn calories, you get outside in nature, and you get some vitamin D from the sun. And what do you get when you add all of that together? A really good night’s sleep.

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