This Summer’s Trending Shorts

Summer is heating up, and that spells bad news for great style. Fashion and heat don’t mix well together. No matter how on-point your look might be, you can start to wilt after just a few minutes under oppressive humidity while getting scorched by sunlight. Luckily, these types of shorts are back in style in a big way. From casual to professional to evening looks, shorts are a perfect style solution.

What’s Trendy in Summer Shorts?

Fashion is trending back toward longer shorts that fall just above or just below the knee. These longer cuts can hide a multitude of sins and they allow you to wear shorts anywhere you need to be. But if you do want to show off your curves a little, reach for the bicycle shorts and slim-fit designs. Bicycle shorts have become high-end this year, and it’s acceptable to wear them almost anywhere. Pair your bike shorts with a blousy, loose-fitting top or a thin jacket if you don’t want to show too much.

Shorts are so popular, it’s hard to go wrong with them. Pleated shorts are also making a comeback. And when it comes to accessorizing your shorts, you have more options than you know. Beltless looks are really hot in shorts, even in shorts that have belt loops. Don’t be afraid to leave the belt at home and wear your shorts with naked loops if that’s what you want to do. And when you do choose to add a belt, think outside the box a little.

When belts are added to shorts this summer, they’re not put in the loops. All you have to do is browse recent photos from the style mavens on Instagram to see that belts are free of the loops right now. Belts are being worn low, around the hips, and in some looks, two and three belts are being worn at the same time. As long as you don’t have a belt in your loops, you’ve got the right look for your shorts. With the right belt, your shorts can look more casual or more formal in an instant.

When to Wear Shorts

Shorts are no longer just for casual wear. Lots of shorts looks right now are being paired with blazers for a professional daytime look, or with silky blouses for an evening look. Pleated shorts are perfect for professional wear. Choose slim-fitting shorts for a more formal evening style. Paired with a lacy tank, shorts are a sexy look for any girls’ night out or date night.

Summer days are only going to get more scorching, and you don’t even have to believe in global warming to believe you might die from heat exhaustion just trying to get from your home to your car. When shorts are an acceptable style everywhere, it’s more than okay to wear them anywhere you go.

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