These Online Book Clubs Will Inspire You To Read More

Who doesn’t want to add more reading time into their lives? Unfortunately, life often piles up, and so do the books we keep reading and not finishing. How can you get yourself back on track with a regular reading habit?

You might not have thought book clubs were still a thing for anyone who’s not retired or above 60, but they are, in fact, a thing. Online book clubs are so popular you won’t have any problem finding one; the problem will actually be in choosing one out of the many wonderful options. That’s where we’ve done some legwork for you and rounded up the best online book clubs to inspire you to read more.

The Reddit Book Club

If you’re looking for a beginning book club that won’t scare you off with too much commitment, the Reddit Book Club might be what you need. You won’t have to worry about taking a month off with this book club — with 80,000 members, no one is taking names. But this is a great steady book club to get started with. Every month members vote on what they’ll read and discuss books via discussion threads. If you already use Reddit, this book club is an obvious choice for inspiring you to read more.

The Procrastinators Book Club

Is the obstacle to getting those books you’ve meant to read finished just plain old procrastination? This book club is a safe space for you to confront that habit with no shame. The Procrastinator Book Club is hosted through Good Reads and has lots of threads on their forum for getting started and taking part in reading challenges discussions.

Reeses Book Club

If you’re hoping for a book club led by a single person, perhaps one we all know and love, then Reese’s Book Club is what you’re after. She hosts a popular book club through Instagram, where she chooses a book she loves and wants to share. Feeling like you need more females in your literary life? Reese has your back — every book she chooses is woman-centered.

The History Book Club

The title says it all — this book club is the prime choice for history lovers. This book club is also hosted on Good Reads, so you’ll get the benefit of being able to easily keep track of the club with your Good Reads profile. The History Book Club is currently the largest history and nonfiction group on Good Reads, so they must be doing something right.

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