The Delivery Apps and Services to Make Staying Home Easier

How hard can it be? Those were probably the fateful last words many of us uttered upon finding out we’d have to stay at home and quarantine due to the coronavirus. It’s basically just an impromptu stay-cation, right? Not for long. After months of staying at home or performing necessary jobs, we’ve realized how much we’ve taken for granted our previous ability to run out and pick anything up as we need it. With many places still abiding by stay-at-home orders, delivery apps have become an even more significant part of all our lives than ever before.

If you’re new to the world of delivery apps or are just looking for the best delivery apps to rely on, we’ve got you covered. These apps will make staying at home more manageable and less stressful.

Restaurant Delivery 

There’s no shortage of excellent food delivery apps, but we’ve rounded up the best and most popular apps that are also doing their part to help flatten the curve of coronavirus infections.


This company operates in over 500 cities in different countries, so chances are if you’re hungry, UberEats can help. Even better, they’re doing their part to help during the pandemic by removing their delivery fee for independent restaurants and making them easily searchable under the Eat Local category.  

Normally UberEats charges a service fee of 15% of an order’s subtotal and a small order fee for orders less than $10.

Door Dash

With even more years under their belt than UberEats, you can bet that Door Dash is alive and well in almost any American or Canadian city you find yourself hungry in.

With Door Dash, there is no minimum order fee, and the general cost is made up of the delivery fee, tax, and the cost of your meal, plus any additional fees the restaurant might add.

Grocery Delivery

If you’re sick of restaurant food and want to try your hand at all this home baking the quarantine has inspired, you’ll need groceries. Luckily delivery apps have this covered too.


If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you have access to their 2-hour delivery service from Whole Foods as well as Amazon Fresh. You can shop as you normally would on Amazon after applying the filter for Whole Foods or Fresh and add anything you need to your cart. This is a great way to get household staples and groceries.


This delivery app is great when you need groceries and you want to get them from your usual store that isn’t a Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. Based on your location, you can select nearby grocery stores and shop either through the app or on their website. Delivery fees change based on demand but are generally $3.99.

General Delivery 

If you need things that aren’t groceries or from a restaurant, what do you do? This app can deliver just about anything.


This app is your go-to delivery app — whether it’s food, groceries, alcohol, or magazines from the corner store, Postmates will deliver it. While the app functions just like any other food delivery app, your selection of where to order items is only limited by your location. With Postmates running in over 4,200 cities in the U.S., location doesn’t seem to be much of a limiting factor now-a-days!

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