Top Influencers Use Their Platform for Good in the Midst of COVID-19

Photo Danielle Bernstein of @weworewhat

After staying home for the last several weeks, many people have taken to social media either as a major source to revive oneself from boredom or as a place to take a stand and use their voice for the greater good. Social media is arguably one of the best tools to utilize to communicate to a mass audience. Many influencers have been able to rise up and ask their followers to help donate money to several charity organizations, provide meals to those in need, and most importantly, help to reinstate hope during this trying time.

Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat)

Known for founding her own brand ​WeWoreWhat​, Danielle was the social media influencer who jumped to help thousands without thinking twice. From donating thousands of meals after product launches to shouting out small businesses, she’s continuously communicated to her followers on how she’s trying to find ways to help others. As a result, Danielle’s effort to give back won’t stop after this pandemic. She launched ​WeGaveWha​t as a platform to help others in need permanently and to give them the exposure they deserve.

Chiara Ferragni  (@chiaraferragni)

Based in Italy, one of the areas that was hit hard early on with the virus, ​Chiara​ took immediate action for her home country. She provided the necessary resources for those who were ill and couldn’t be accommodated in the hospitals because they were over capacity. To do this, she raised over $4 million for a makeshift health center to be created. She constantly communicated to her followers about the extreme need to stay home and practice social distancing. She and her husband, Fedez, volunteered to deliver groceries to those who were at a higher risk.

Jenny Walton (@jennymwalton)

Any type of donation will go a long way. For ​Jenny Walton​, she was able to put together masks for both children and adults affected all over the country. She has also partnered with ​Masks 4 Medicine​, who focuses on receiving the necessary PPE for any healthcare worker in need of supplies anywhere in the country. As a small operation that started at home, she was able to transform it into an even bigger impact.

Katie Sands (@honestlykate)

Katie​ is most certainly the influencer everyone needs to follow. She exudes a genuine energy and is always honest with her followers through the good and the not so good. As a board member for ​The Make a Wish Foundation​, she has partnered with them to tell her followers that children who need their wishes fulfilled is the reason she’s staying home. Along with that, she’s using her platform to address other topics such as people who have to be alone at this time and ways to connect with others.

Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel)

Bethenny​ may be known for her stardom on The Real Housewives of New York on Bravo, but she has done so much more than that. ​B Strong​ is an organization she founded to help those in need with emergency assistance on a global scale. Her response to COVID-19 alone has been able to support over 250 hospitals and workers in need of PPE. With her connections and incredible donors, she’s raised nearly $17 million for the cause.

Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin)

While ​Ricky Martin​ has had a history of giving back, this time he’s partnered with Project Hope to help those affected by COVID-19. Through promotion on Twitter and Instagram, he’s asked his followers to share the campaign and donate so that healthcare workers can acquire supplies such as face masks, isolation gowns, protective coveralls and gloves.

Laura Benanti (@laurabenanti)

Laura​ has been able to bring a sense of normalcy back to children and elders by creating live virtual concerts called ​Sunshine Concerts​. Her and her team wanted to bring a supportive community to the screens of others who feel isolated, are living in assisted living homes or who are in children’s hospitals. The last concert was on May 2, but we may expect more as time continues.

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