Sun Protection for Forgotten Areas

Summer vacation and warm weather escapades are all fun and games…until you get a sunburn! But excessive exposure to the sun and UV rays can lead to more than sore skin: It can damage your eyes and immune system, cause premature aging, and increase your risk for certain kinds of cancer. You know you need to wear sunblock, but certain body parts are easy to miss! Here are a few commonly forgotten areas, plus what you can do to keep them covered.


Because your hair covers most of your head, you might never think to protect your scalp! But if you have ever gotten a sunburn on your scalp, you know how painful and annoying it can be! You can avoid the discomfort by being proactive. Scalp-specific sunscreens come in mists and powders that won’t make your hair greasy. You can also just wear a cute accessory that doubles as sun protection, like a hat or a head scarf!


Yep, your eyes can get sunburnt, too! Photokeratitis is a temporary eye condition caused by exposure to UV rays that affects the corneas. It can happen year-round, even in the winter, when light rays bounce off snow and ice. The Skin Cancer Foundation advises that you can protect yourself by selecting sunglasses with lenses that block 99%-100% of UVA and UVB rays and wearing them whenever you’re outdoors.


A little too much sun exposure could leave your pout extra pouty. Sunburned lips can cause increased sensitivity, a burning sensation, peeling, dryness, and, in some cases, painful blisters and swelling. Sunburnt lips are often treated with over-the-counter pain relievers, aloe, and cold compresses but may need a doctor’s attention. Sounds like a hassle, right? You can avoid it by adequately protecting your lips with a broad-spectrum SPF lip balm. Shading your face from the sun with a hat can provide extra protection.


Sunburnt ears can be red and sore and may even peel and bleed. A cold compress can help with the pain. To protect your ears, simply apply regular or specialized facial sunscreen. Alternatively, you can wear a hat with a brim that keeps them shaded.

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