Low-Calorie Lunches You Can Take With You to Work

Change up the ingredients all you like — it’s still super easy to get sick of salad after just a few days. There are lots of options for low-calorie lunches and plenty of meals that can travel with you to work. And no, none of them are a salad.

Vegetarian Brown Rice and Beans

In reasonable portions, a traditional treat makes a delicious lunch that travels well. Brown rice and beans are packed with healthy carbs and protein. It’s filling and it’s full of goodness that will give you the energy to get through the rest of the workday. Mix half a cup of brown or basmati rice with one-third cup of cooked red beans. Add onions, mushrooms and peppers to the mixture to add more flavor if you want. These veggies will add very few calories to the meal, which is under 200 calories total.

Vegetarian Pita Dip

Cut pita bread into large wedges and wrap them in plastic. In a small plastic container, mix two tablespoons of feta cheese, chopped cucumber, chopped tomatoes and one tablespoon of hummus. Spread your dip on your pita wedges (or a thin tortilla) to enjoy a delicious Mediterranean feast. Feel free to add olives and peppers for even more flavor. The dip is about 100 calories, and very filling. This is a cold lunch, which makes it an easy option for work.

Corn and Turkey Wraps

When you have leftovers you need to eat, make corn and turkey wraps. To make the filling, mix half a cup of cooked corn with chopped tomato, onion and bell pepper. Line two wheat tortillas with lean sliced turkey and spinach leaves. Add the filling and roll your tortilla to make these low-calorie wraps. Even with both tortillas, this lunch is less than 300 calories.

Low-Calorie Lunches

Taking lunch with you to work and skipping the high-calorie, fatty fast foods that are so readily available will make a huge difference. A smart low-calorie lunch can be very filling and give you the energy to get you through the day. Best of all, your healthy lunch doesn’t have to be a salad.

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