What to Wear With Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick shades are one of the hottest makeup trends of 2019, but this look can go wrong in a lot of different ways. Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and colors with your dark lips. Otherwise, you might end up looking like you’re auditioning to be in a new vampire movie.

Light Eyes

It’s a basic rule of makeup that if you’re wearing dark lips, you should pair them with light eyes. Mix dark eyes with dark lips and your look instantly becomes gothic. You’ll look too heavily made up, so stick to a more natural eye look. After all, the dark lips trend is all about making your mouth stand out — so don’t make it compete with the rest of your makeup.

If you still want your eyes to draw some attention, try wearing bold brows with your dark lips. This will bring back some of the focus to your eyes while still allowing your lips to be the star of your look. Try the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil to get a bold brow look. This pencil is designed to fill in eyebrows to give you a fuller brow look.


Pair your dark, eye-catching lips with neutral fashion choices. Stick to the champagne, peach, khaki and white family of colors to really make your mouth pop against whatever you wear. Light gray can be good as well, but only in moderation. You don’t want to wear too much black or gray with your dark lip look, because once again this gets dangerously close to turning into a goth style.

Purple shades pair very well with dark lips, but don’t wear all purple or mostly purple because this can blend in too well with your mouth. The exception is very light lavender and lilac shades, which have cooler undertones and look amazing with dark lips.

Red and Blue

If you’ve just got to wear a lot of color with your dark lip look, try shades of red and blue. You want more vivid jewel tones or soft pastels, rather than deep, dark hues. Too much dark shading in your clothing will make your mouth disappear rather than stand out, and then what’s the point?

Keep It Clean

Wearing dark lipstick can be difficult because the color wants to bleed and can smear outside your natural lip line. This looks terrible. Prevent it from happening by applying translucent powder with a cotton swab around your lip line. The RCMA No-Color Powder is perfect for this. It’s translucent, and it’s designed to keep your makeup in place.

You can also start with lip liner before you ever apply your lipstick. Lip liner helps lipstick literally stay within the lines of your mouth. Find a wide range of dark lip colors in the e.l.f. Lip Liner & Blending Brush line.

Dramatic Lips

Dark, dramatic lips are already everywhere in 2019, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Dark lips are going to continue to be a hot look all year long, so start playing around with your fashion and your eye looks to allow your mouth to be the star of your style. Dramatic lips can make a huge impact when you match the rest of your look to your mouth, and you can have a lot of fun turning heads with this makeup trend.

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