Add Texture to Your Winter Wardrobe

Hello February! You’re officially in need of a pick me up. Enter: the winter wardrobe.
If you’re tired of sporting black on black and swapping style for comfort, it’s time to forget about neutrals and focus on textures. At the height of the season’s snowfall, it’s easy to repeat go-to pieces and show off the same look. You’re suffering from near frostbite and struggling with lack of sunlight. For those kicking pattern playing, color matching and closet shopping to the curb due to frigid and freezing temperatures, remember the mantra: look good, feel good. To add texture to your wardrobe, read on and take note.

Texture Tip One: expand color palette
Example: replace the winter blues with the return of velvet blue

Texture Tip Two: maximize fashion + function
Example: transform your pieces into multi-seasonal wear (layer all day, all night)

Texture Tip Three: back to the basics
Example: mix and match with leather, lace, faux fur and fray to elevate your outfit

Texture Tip Four: keep it classic
Example: dress down with a soft scrunchie and an over-sized knit sweater

Texture Tip Five: accessorize from head to toe
Example: play with all types, sizes and materials (hats, glasses, scarves, pins, purses, belts, socks, shoes and jewelry)

Texture Tip Six: it’s all in the details
Example: combine different forms of fasteners (ties, hooks, clasps, buttons and zippers)

Texture Tip Seven: beyond the closet
Example: take your look to the next level through hair and make-up

Pull together your outfit of the day and apply your last touch of texture: a textured jacket or coat. Its not only warm, it’s also going to stand out in the snow and rain. 

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