Hippie Fashions Are Hot in 2019

Some fashion trends, like powdered wigs, are meant to stay confined to the pages of history forever. Thank goodness! But some styles specific to a certain era become iconic, and those fashions deserve to been seen again. In 2019, the 1960s are back — or at least, the fashions of the decade are back. So find your inner hippie, and have fun with the looks that helped to set the decade of free love apart.


This is one fashion trend that’s coming back in a big way in 2019. There’s no limit to the ways you can wear tie-dye. You’ll find it in T-shirts, dresses, skirts, accessories and every other fashion item you might want to name this year, so embrace the trend. Mix your tie-dyed items with solids and prints in clashing colors to create an amazing contrast. Tie-dye is one of the easiest items to make yourself if you’re feeling crafty and have some extra white T-shirts laying around.


Hugely popular in 1960s fashion, florals are exploding on the style scene again. All the biggest designers are creating looks with floral fashions this year in styles that are definitely a throwback to the decade of Woodstock, the British invasion and the moon landing. Popular florals right now are big, graphic and extremely colorful, in styles that are very reminiscent of “flower power.”


Definitely trendy in the 1960s, fringe is moving into mainstream fashion in 2019. Everything is now available with fringe, from coats to dresses to purses. This is a hot look, and it’s even better this time around. What’s great about this trend? It’s super easy to fake it. Get cheap fabric online to make your own fringe, and you can add it to anything using fabric glue. That old purse, the jacket you no longer wear and that pair of boots that aren’t quite right can all be super cute and trendy with a little DIY love. If you’ve got scissors and material, you can figure out how to make fringe.

Loose and Breezy

If it’s loose and breezy, it’s trendy. Airy blouses, big skirts and wide pants that would be right at home in the 1960s are a must-have look for all of today’s modern fashionistas. Blouses and dresses with ruffles, lightweight fabrics and loose-fitting designs are absolutely essential for the trendy closet.

Flare It

Yes, they’re back. So put your skinny jeans away and grab those flared pants that you know you’ve been hanging onto. Bell bottoms were the iconic look of the 1960s, and the fashion world never lets too many decades pass before this look is deemed to be hot again. Now is the time, so flare it wide and have fun with the trend while it lasts.

Hot Style

Honor the styles of the 1960s with your own modern sense of style, and pair your hippie threads with all of the current hot trends. Wear your tie-dye and fringe with metallic color shades, graphic nail looks, winged eyeshadow and all the style elements that are hot on the runways to put a “today” twist on all your vintage looks. Experiment with wearing 1960s fashions that are suddenly fresh again…and get a totally groovy look, man!

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