How to Tackle Holiday Stress

As much as we love holidays, the simple truth is that they can get overwhelming sometimes. They can be the best of times and the worst of times, mainly because there is a lot to do, loads of gifts to get, and all those gifts need to be wrapped!

Stress is terrible for your health, and while you may feel happy to be with your loved ones, you should still take preventive measures to combat the exhaustion that comes from all those activities. Here are helpful tips on how you can tackle holiday stress head-on!

Itemize what causes you stress

The first step towards tackling a problem is identifying what the problem is. After all, you cannot combat what you don’t know! Take a piece of paper and write down the items that commonly cause you stress during the holidays. Take a look at it with fresh eyes, and think about how you would give advice to someone on how to overcome these stressful situations.

Plan ahead

Last minute plans can leave you unsettled, and nothing induces stress more than you trying to do something you’re not prepared for. If you have to fly for the holidays, book your flight way beforehand; if you have to shop for gifts, do not wait until the last minute!

Break errands down

Sometimes we end up over-tasking ourselves. Cooking, baking, running errands, and at the same time, trying to play with the younger members of the family. Prioritize your tasks and delegate some if necessary. This way, you are not single-handedly taking on all tasks.

Enjoy the season

Sometimes, we spend too much time worrying that we forget to have fun and end up just being stressed! Plan ahead of time to get everything done, and when it’s done, take a deep breath; now enjoy the bliss that comes with being with friends and family.

Yes, we all deserve fun holidays. However, it’s important not to overextend your energy before enjoying the special day.

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