Which Chemical Peel Is Right For You?

In today’s era of technological advancement, we have managed to pollute the air and environment around us, which is quickly becoming dangerous for our bodies. One of the most directly affected parts of the human body is the skin. Skin is exposed to harmful UV rays and hazardous air pollutants, which causes us to break out, and can also damage our skin.

Skin peels, or chemical peels, were created to help with dull and damaged skin. While chemical peels have proven to be very useful for skin rejuvenation, you need to know how different peel elements react to your skin type, so you don’t end up causing more damage. The following are some of the best chemical peels out there that we’ve found and can typically be used on any skin type.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Women all over the world choose The Ordinary for a reason. Their AHA/BHA peeling solution is top-rated amongst women not only because it’s budget-friendly, but it’s also an exfoliating facial in a bottle. While the majority of women report success using it, the solution contains some harsh acids which should not be used over active or open acne.

Skin Obsession Chemical Peel

Chemical peels often contain different kinds of acids, which are harsh on purpose. They clear the skin of harmful pollutants from the air. Skin Obsession is an excellent chemical peel that contains trichloroacetic acid that lightens the damage caused by harmful sun rays.

There are different versions of Skin Obsession Chemical Peel depending on your skin needs.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask

Drunk Elephant has been making waves in the beauty industry for the past few years. This product is one of its original beauty winners, specially formulated for sensitive skin. While the thought of sensitive skin and chemical peel don’t mix well, Drunk Elephant incorporated different natural oils and ingredients as well as acidic elements for exfoliation without the risk of burning your skin.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and the brands above are working hard to fight off environmental damage. Make sure to follow up any of these peels with a rich oil or moisturizer, and use the products sparingly.