7 Ways To Stay Positive When Nothing Is Going Right

It’s common to feel sad when nothing seems like it’s going right. Between societal and family pressure, it may seem like everything is too much, and nothing seems to be working for you. Rather than obsess about your situation, you can choose peace and not let the struggles define you. It may sound abstract or unattainable, but these seven tips will help you stay in the light even when nothing is going right.

Count your blessings

If you think about it, like really think about it, there are so many things to be thankful for in life. It may not come to you immediately, but once it does, write it down on paper. This little exercise will help you appreciate the life you’re living. It’ll prove how insignificant your current issues are in relation to what you’ve accomplished.

Practice your faith

In whatever scenario, remember your faith. Regardless of your religion, remember to practice it. This will give you a renewed hope for change and keep you grounded. If you don’t follow a religion, take the time to meditate and breathe.

Silver linings

Once you practice staying grounded by expressing gratitude and taking a breather, you’ll be able to see the silver linings in your current predicament.

Exercise patience

They say that great things take time. Don’t get restless or impatient while waiting for a change. Take it one step at a time.

Find relief

You may be going through a lot of stress, and to prevent it from crippling you, you may need to find a relief outlet. This could be exercise, yoga, counseling, or something else.

Worry less

Worrying is very unproductive, so try distracting yourself from your problems now and then. Remember, it’s just a wave you need to ride out.


Don’t let what you’re going through control your happiness, or keep you from having a good time. Go out there and own your narrative by enjoying every minute of life, not by surviving but by living.