2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Why are some men perpetually hard to buy for? Trying to find that just-right gift that is sentimental, useful, and within budget is HARD. Rethink Beautiful did the heavy lifting for you when it comes to shopping for the fellas in your life—these gems should help bring some joy back into 2020! Whether your budget is $15 or $500, you can shop our guide feeling totally prepared with the perfect gift for your guy.

The Foodie Man

For the man who loves his whiskey or who truly has everything (except for beef jerky that arrives on his doorstep every month), these tasty gifts are sure to hit the spot. This BBQ book has two thousand 5-star reviews on Amazon. Pair that with his favorite grilling spice mix or some new grilling tools and he will be all set for your next cookout. While he’s mastering the art of grilling he can sip a hot drink outside with his new Yeti—they just released this dark moody green color just in time for the holidays. Who doesn’t *need* another high-quality tumbler?

Shop the Swanky Badger Whiskey Decanter, $49.99 (click here)

Shop the Craft Jerky Co subscription boxes, from $18 (click here)

Shop Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling, $23.39 (click here)

Shop the Yeti Rambler, $29.99 (click here)

The Work-From-Home Man

2020 has been a wild ride and your work-from-home man deserves a little home office treat. Improving his work life only makes sense! Upgrading his “regular” desk to one of these dual-monitor VariDesks would be such a game-changer. Or if you surprise him with an Ember mug, he’ll never have to deal with pausing work to go reheat that cup of coffee. When it’s time for a little brain break, he can use his Echo to check the stats on the game or video call his co-worker. If a quirky option is more his speed, then this Tushy bidet attachment could be a (practical) gift he will always remember!

Shop the VariDesk, $395 (click here)

Shop the Ember coffee mug, $99.95 (click here)

Shop the Amazon Echo Show, $79.95 (click here)

Shop the Tushy bidet, $89 (click here)

The Hi-Tech Man

This guy loves his tech—he’s always getting the latest updates and telling you about newly launched products. Gifts that are both thoughtful and practical make total sense for him! A portable charger would be perfect for the guy listening to audiobooks on his commute or traveling for work. Show him how much you support him with this podcast mic so he can finally get that podcast started that he’s been dreaming about. Movie nights with him will go from just ok to all-out amazing with this soundbar and movie projector.

Shop the RAVpower portable charger, $32.99 (click here)

Shop the Samson Go portable podcasting mic, $49.99 (click here)

Shop the Samsung soundbar, $147.99 (click here)

Shop the Epson Home Cinema projector, $499.99 (click here)

The Hobby Man

Whether your man is into music, sports, gaming, or reading, finding something unique to them is not as hard as it sounds. There is something for him out there in online shopping land. Maybe this vintage-looking Bluetooth boombox for the music lover? Or this 3-D baseball stadium wall art for the baseball fan? Encourage his self-care with some new gaming headphones so he can unplug from work and plug into whatever game he’s into.

Shop the Victrola Mini Bluetooth Boombox, $50 (click here)

Shop baseball stadium wall art, price varies by team (click here)

Shop BENGOO gaming headphones, $33.99 (click here)

The Classic Man

A man who enjoys good design that never goes out of style could appreciate a classic like the Spyderco pocket knife. If he doesn’t already have a nice leather Apple watch band then this Amazon one would be a great option. He can think of you every time he checks the time (*swoon*). That work trip he has coming up will be a little more organized with a well-designed Dopp kit from Target—a must for every guy! It’s time for him to say bye-bye to college days of throwing the toothbrush and razor into a ziplock bag.

Shop the Spyderco Delica knife, $120 (click here)

Shop the Power Primacy Apple watch band, $16.99 (click here)

Shop the Goodfellow & Co Zip Kit, $14.99 (click here)

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