How to Spice Up a Bland Dating Conversation

Have you ever used a dating app and fallen victim to one of the world’s most boring, meaningless conversations? We have. So how do you take those conversations from drab to fab? Here are a few tips.

Skip the Small Talk

Few people actually enjoy small talk, so why not just skip it altogether? When you’ve resorted to talking about the weather, you’ve probably run out of things to say to each other.

Avoid this problem by coming equipped with conversation starters. You know what you enjoy talking about, so throw things out there and see what sticks. This will not only help spice up a bland conversation but also give you a better sense of whether you and your relationship prospect are a good fit.

Read Their Profile

Dating apps are all about first impressions (try as we might to work against this notion). While physical attraction is important, so is mental attraction, which is why you should take the time between power swipes to actually read dating profiles. Does the profile make you laugh? Do you find it interesting? Do you have anything in common right off the bat? You can use these thoughts as great conversation starters.

Come Up With a Witty Opener

When you begin a conversation with a new prospect, the default outreach line is “Hey,” “Hi,” “What’s up,” or some other iteration of the three. Developing a witty opener will set you apart and also help start an interesting convo with minimal effort.

Don’t Shy Away From Your Personality

If witty isn’t your thing, you can come up with any opener more suited to your personality. Even through messages, your personality is a part of you, so it’s important to showcase that early on if you’re looking for a strong relationship fit. Lean into it, and you’re more likely to find a match that likes you for you.

When Possible, Don’t Hand Off the Conversation

Don’t pass off the conversation right away to the other individual. Instead, take the reins and discuss topics that you care about. Of course, not every potential date will find these conversations interesting, but as long as you do, you can successfully weed out incompatible individuals before meeting them in person.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you typically don’t take the lead when it comes to dating, try stepping outside your comfort zone. While you don’t need to do anything too crazy, initiating a conversation only works to your benefit in the dating world, as it opens the door to possibilities you would never have had otherwise.

Communication is so important in relationships, so it’s crucial to lay the groundwork from the beginning. These tips will ensure you’re a conversationalist your prospect will want to see again.


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