How to Create Sunset Eyes

One of Nature’s most stunning displays is the sunset, an explosion of colors blended together in the sky. And this year, it’s the inspiration for a makeup trend that everyone’s been wearing: sunset eyes. Learn how to get the look, and light up any room.

The Colors

Let the natural sunset be your inspiration when you’re choosing a color palette for this look. Shades of bold orange and pink are an easy choice, but some looks incorporate bright red, gold and blue or purple to mimic the color of the sea or sky. Blue and purple add contrast to the warmer colors.


Create the Look

Start with clean skin, and make sure your primer has been applied to your eyelids. Applying primer first gives you a smooth, clean surface for your makeup. Primer will also make the shadow last longer and look brighter.

Begin by applying neutral or cream eye shadow from the inner corner of your eye and sweep out to the outer edge. This defines your eye and your eye shadow canvas. Next, use a brush to apply a circle of bold yellow eye shadow to the middle of your eyelid. In the outer corner, apply orange eye shadow in a triangle. The bottom of the triangle will touch the side of the yellow circle; the point will meet the outer corner of your eye. Wear a brown eyeliner on the bottom rim of your eye, or go bold and match the colors from your eyelid, beginning at the tear duct and applying a thin line of cream, then yellow, then orange eye shadow to mirror the pattern above.

Sweep gold, pink or another highlight color across the crease of your eye, above your eyelid. This should go right along the crease from corner to corner. Blend all your eye shadow together with a brush to create the sunset effect. Colourpop’s Yes, Please! Palette has several sunset shades that make it easy to create this makeup look, including shimmery gold, peachy orange, russet red and vivid yellow.

If you like, finish the look off with eyeliner. A little gold eyeliner will really make your eyes pop. Stardust glitter eyeliner from e.l.f. cosmetics comes in a glittering gold shade that’s perfect for adding shine to any sunset makeup look.


Play with Colors

Instead of orange, use a dark purple or blue and swap the yellow out for a shade of orange. Play around with the colors of a sunset to create multiple makeup looks. Highlight your crease in gold or fuchsia when you’re feeling playful. CoverGirl TruNaked Sunsets eye shadow palettes come with a variety of sunset-inspired color shades that include blues and purples, along with hues of orange, gold and pink.

Sunset Eyes

For many people, eyes are the first feature they notice in another person. When they’re looking at yours, make sure they’re seeing something stunning with a great sunset makeup look. This is a trend that’s fun to play with, and it looks stunning when it’s done well.

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