How To Ask For What You Want

Asking for something from another person can be one of the most challenging things to do, especially when you are someone who would rather not be a bother!

Despite not wanting to bother anyone, people only know you want something when you ask. No one can read your mind and understand what you need, so build up the courage to say something.

Knowing how difficult the task of asking for what you want can be, here are some tips on how you can make requests and get what you need!

Ask when they are in the mood

It could be awkward to ask someone for a favor when they are in distress. Not only would you be seen as insensitive, but your request could also be met with a “NO”. Gauge the mood of the person you are asking for a favor before you go to ask.

Be strategic

What use would it be to ask someone who cannot help with your request? Before you ask, weigh your options, and be sure that you are asking the right person at the right time.

Be clear

Certain times, people may want to help you, but they cannot because they are unable to understand your specific needs. To get help, you will have to be vocal and clear about your needs.

Ask again, and again, and again

Resilience often makes victorious warriors. If your request is declined the first time, restrategize and ask again! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Remember, you won’t get it unless you ask!

While it may happen that you do not get a positive response on your first try, understanding the art of asking and trying again can help you achieve positive results!

Be Grateful

It is a nice gesture to give someone a thank you gift or even just a thank you note for something they did for you.

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