What You Need To Do If Your Instagram Account Was Hacked

The world is enormous, but the internet has given us the ability to connect and make the gaps between us a little bit smaller. Yes, the internet has given us more than we ever imagined; however, some pitfalls come with so much power. One of them is cyber theft, including identity theft.

One of the most common methods of identity theft is through social media. Our social media handles possess information about us, and we become vulnerable to attacks by having information that can be traced to us. If you’re someone with a large following or use Instagram for business, getting your account stolen is an even bigger threat. This article aims to arm you with knowledge on what to do if your Instagram account gets hacked.

Now, Instagram hacking comes in different forms. If someone is using your account to either send messages, post content, or delete your content, but you can still log into this account, here’s how you handle it. First, head over to settings and change your password. This immediately locks the intruder out of your account. Next, check the third party access to ensure the hacker isn’t posting your personal info on other accounts. You can do this by logging into your account from your computer and revoking access to the applications you may not recognize. Make sure to turn two-factor authorization on and connect it to your phone number, that way no one can log in unless they receive the code texted to your phone.

If someone has access to your Instagram account and you cannot log in, the hacker may have changed your password. Now, here’s what may help: go to the login page and click on the ‘get help signing in’ option. Then, you can reset your password by using the email connected to your account. If the hacker didn’t just change your password but also changed your username and email, it’ll be much harder to get back the account. However, if a hacker tries to change your email, chances are that Instagram will notify you via email. This email is your ticket to getting your account back.

Make sure to contact Instagram on your computer. You might need to do this through the Facebook page. This is key to receiving help with getting your account back: send all the information Facebook requests in one email exactly how they request it! Do NOT miss any parts. If they ask you for verification info, make sure to include everything. This allows them to verify your identity and help you get your account back faster. More often than not, people who do not receive help miss the instructions given to them and don’t correctly provide the requested identification.

Hackers are getting more evil as the days go by. Because of the difficulty associated with recovering a completely hacked account, Instagram has included a 2-step verification option, which gives you more security over your account. Utilize it!

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