Help Your Kid Make A Great Halloween Costume

The basics for your little one’s Halloween costume are lurking in the back of your closet. All these elements need to come to life is your creative touch and maybe a little hot glue. Perhaps you’ll make a quick trip to the craft store for paper or ribbon or wrap tape, and you’re done. There’s still time to pull it together and send your kids out in the costumes they’ve been waiting to wear all year. Whether scary or cute, adventurous or sweet, these are easy and fun Halloween outfits you can throw together at the last minute.

Gumball Machine

For a last-minute costume as sweet as bubblegum, take 1.5″ pom poms and attach them to a plain white t-shirt with a hot glue gun.  Create a 25-cent price tag and coin slot out of felt and then attach to belt with a safety pin! Cute Girls Hairstyles.

Raggedy Ann

Layer a white pinafore on top of a vintage long-sleeved dress. Finish the costume with red-and-white-striped legwarmers (you can find them on Etsy!) and black Mary Jane shoes. Use makeup to dot orange or red spots on cheeks and tip of nose. Top off the outfit with red yarn wig that you can make by attaching yarn to beanie. Pretty Little Life


Attach a pink or red paper heart to a black tank top. Layer over with a white t-shirt with cut-out sections that create the effect of a ribcage and expose the black tank top. Finish off with black and white skeleton makeup. Four Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Kids

Luke Skywalker

Go to Amazon for a karate uniform and pair the top with boys’ chinos. Create the illusion of Luke’s desert boots with lace-up sneakers and wrapping self-adherent wrap tape from shoes to knees. Add a belt with flat buckle. Find online instructions for a DIY lightsaber or go to Amazon to pick one up. More Than Thursdays


An inner tube and foam hair curlers will transform your kid into everybody’s favorite sweet treat.  Studio DIY

The Incredibles

You’ll need a red long-sleeve shirt, red leggings or tights, black boxer underwear, a black eye mask, and black gloves. Print out the Incredibles logo onto photo transfer paper and iron onto the center of the shirt. Wear the undies on the outside, of course, and top the outfit off with a gold ribbon worn as a belt and black boots. Brit + Co


Dress your toddler in tights, boots, and a long-sleeve shirt. Add tutu (how cute is that!) and witch hat. Girls may prefer a black dress from your closet and a feather boa or cape to go along with a witch hat. Give every witch a straw broom.

Super Hero

A simple mask cut from felt and a fabric cape turns any boy or girl into a super hero quick as a flash.


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