5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Girls Aged 2-5 Years

Need Halloween costume ideas for your little girl?

She’s likely strong willed and opinionated about what she wants to be by now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make suggestions, right?

Here are some fun costumes she may actually want to wear…

Wonder Woman: Let her girl power flower in a cool Wonder Woman costume.

Dorothy: There’s surely no place like home and she’ll look like every bit of star from the Wizard of Oz in an adorable Dorothy costume.

Peacock Costume: About this age, they start to grow out of wanting to be animals, but this one could be an exception. Check out online for peacock costumes and she’ll look just as regal as a princess (without the cliche).

Mermaid Costume: Take a dive under the sea in a sparkly sea-themed mermaid costume.

Elsa or Anna Costume: Whether she wants to be Elsa or Anna from Frozen, she’ll look like the true heroine in either one of these disguises.

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