Healthy Snacks for your from Home Workday

Easy kitchen access can be a recipe for disaster. The temptations are unlimited! Do you want to stop snacking on chips, binging fruit snacks, and start cleaning up your diet? Here are some yummy snack and lunch options to help you curb those junk-food cravings.

Rice Cakes

You might be thinking, boring! But rice cakes are a gift from heaven. They are so versatile!

Top them with yogurt and berries for a perfect “fruit parfait” feeling. Cheese-flavored rice cakes are like no-guilt Cheetos. Carmel rice cakes, or rice cakes with a thin layer of chocolate save those of us who live and die for sweets. Surprisingly, plain rice cakes are the best of them all. Dip them in yogurt, smother them with peanut butter, or stack them with fruit. It’s a healthy alternative for the unhealthy potato chips and butter popcorn you crave.


If you love pita, this healthy dip will take it up a notch. There are a ton of hummus flavors available which makes it a great option for curbing specific cravings. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of veggies, you might change your mind once you snack on them with this versatile spread. I can’t think of many snacks healthier than vegetables!

Apples (with or without spreads)

Sweets without guilt are a dream, so why don’t we eat more fruit? Apples are a super satisfying snack since they’re sweet, filling, and crunchy! Another big perk is that they pair great with healthy spreads like all-natural peanut butter. They say an apple can wake you up more than a coffee; how could you resist?

Avocado anything

While avocados are high in fat, they’re a good heart-healthy option. You can eat avocados at any time of the day. For breakfast, toss it in an omelet, or, if you aren’t avoiding bread, toast some up and spread mashed avocados over the top (pro tip, add some chili flakes, lime, and salt for flavor). For lunchtime, make tacos in an avocado boat. For a snack, add your favorite spice and eat an avocado with a spoon.

Greek Yogurt

It’s light, but it will help keep you full until lunch. Greek yogurt holds additional protein to curb hunger longer; and, it comes in lots of sweet flavors! Pair this with granola or fruit, and you’ll ask yourself, “Is this a healthy snack, or is it dessert?”


Popcorn isn’t just for movie night! This snack is high fiber and low in calories when air-popped and not loaded up with butter. This fun snack will surely brighten your day. Just make sure you set a date with some floss before your next zoom meeting!

Cottage Cheese

Its flavor is not for everyone, but this protein-rich snack is perfect for your workday. Low calories and high nutrient contents mean you’ll be feeling great instead of bogged down. Want to spice it up? Pair cottage cheese with fruit and a drizzle of honey! It also makes a great substitute for dressing on salads.

String Cheese

There’s a reason kids love string cheese. It’s yummy and fun to eat! String cheese is low-calorie while being high in protein and calcium. This convenient snack slows down the snacking process as you peel the cheese stick, which can help you avoid the grogginess caused by overeating.

Want more ideas for healthy snacks you can eat during the workday? Just look around your kitchen! You likely already have some lunch meat, healthy cereal, granola bars, or eggs. Choosing foods like these over foods like chips and candy will boost awareness and performance during the day and reduce snack guilt.


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