Four Ways to Beat the Heat in The City

City dwellers, rejoice! While this heat can feel crippling and like there’s no escape, there are some fun ways to cool down without running up your electricity bill — without leaving the city. No matter your space constraints or budget, there’s something for everyone to keep you from hot flashes, sweating through your clothes, and standing in front of your open freezer. Scroll down to discover the best ways to beat the heat and take advantage of iconic summer fun.

Kiddie Pools

Okay, hear us out on this one. If you have roof access to your building or a backyard, there is no reason you can’t turn that space into a personal pool party. Like everything else on the internet, there are a ton of options of small, personal-sized pools to make the experience more fun. Plus, it’s the perfect COVID-19 social event. Everyone can spread their pools six feet apart, making it a social distancing affair that would make Dr. Fauci proud. Throw in a glass of rosé, and you’re likely having the best weekend of summer. This collapsable pool (click here), says its for pets, but kiddies love the non slip bottom and effortless set-up.

Hotel Daytrip

For hotels, business isn’t necessarily booming right now, so several large cities have started selling day passes to their pools, while adhering to CDC guidelines, to let people come and enjoy the amenities without actually booking a room. This option is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day — and makes you feel like you took a mini vacation. Not sure where to start? The website Resort Pass allows you to search for pools at hotels with booking options for your daycation. Click here to learn more.

Ice Cream

As though we really needed an excuse to eat ice cream, it is a sure-fire way to cool down for a few minutes and enjoy yourself at the same time. Are you dairy-free? No problem. There’re many ways to partake in this cooling treat. Grab a popsicle, sorbet, or vegan ice cream and enjoy a cool, guilt-free treat — Ben & Jerry’s has the best selection. It may not be as grand as the two ideas above, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing the simple joys.

Take A Walk by the Water

The closer to a body of water you get, the breezier it is. Throw on your most lightweight workout set and take a stroll by the river or whatever (moving) body of water is most accessible in your city. This option is a great way to enjoy being outdoors, take in some views, and feel a breezy relief from the heat. Remember, don’t forget sunscreen and a water bottle!

When all else fails, an ice pack to the back of the neck is a quick fix. For those looking to create a fun summer experience while staying cool, give the above ideas a try to make this summer great. Have other ideas for cooling down while living in a major city? Drop them in the comments below.


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