Five Ways to Enhance Your Sleeping Aesthetic

There’s nothing quite like the restful sleep you get when staying at a five-star hotel. What if you could make every night feel that blissful? Honestly, it’s not that hard to achieve. You can quickly transform your everyday sleep routine by updating just a few pieces in your bedroom to create an enviable aesthetic. Scroll to discover the best techniques for upping your sleep experience.

  1. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases carry a lot of positive benefits with them. For starters, they’re super comfortable. More than that, silk is excellent for your skin! In fact, sleeping on a silk pillowcase every night can reduce wrinkles and help keep skin clean and clear. Ever had a mean case of bed head? Silk pillowcases work to keep your tresses in place and look fresh every morning when you wake up. Look for brands, like the one listed below, that offer beautiful silk pillowcases in a range of sizes to fit your bed.

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  1. Chic Sleepwear

Whether you share the bed with your partner or have no one to impress but yourself, a fashion-forward and comfortable pair of pajamas will up your sleep game by 100%. Sleep allows us to refresh, so why would you dress less than your best for the time you spend recharging? If you’re looking for a sleep set that will rethink the way you sleep forever, look for a sleepwear line with different materials and silhouettes. We dare you not to find something that’ll get you excited about going to sleep.

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  1. Linen Sheets

Now that you’re snuggled into top-notch sleepwear, it’s time to upgrade your sheets to match. In the summer months, linen sheets are a must to keep you cool and comfortable. Plus, linen sheets sit squarely between upscale and casual to match any bedroom aesthetic. Basically, linen sheets can easily incorporate into your existing bedroom, no matter how you have it styled. My go-to shop for linen bedding is Brooklinen. They specialize in high-quality home goods that keep it simple and elegant.

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  1. Sleep Spray

Sleep sprays are all about creating a calm and serene environment for a restful slumber. You simply spray into the air, take a few deep breaths as you lay down, and drift to sleep completely relaxed. As mentioned above, slip offers a great smelling sleep spray that incorporates scents meant to create a calm atmosphere. Plus, it also pairs perfectly with their silk pillowcases.

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  1. Eye Masks

Finish it all off with an eye mask to keep the sunlight at bay. Opt for silk to add a soothing, cool texture to your face while you sleep. If you are a nighttime skincare junkie, the addition of a silk sleep mask is an absolute must. Plus, there’s an element of fun when you consider a variety of prints, colors, and fabrics.

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