Fashion with a Purpose

It’s always nice to know you have some attire that supports a good cause, so, we’ve compiled a small list of stores that donate a portion of their profits to various animal organizations. Let’s get started!

Hendrick & Co., Way Too Many Dogs Tote (shop here)

Is there such a thing as too many dogs? Regardless of where you stand on this issue, if you love dogs and cats, check out Hendrick & Co. This company sells apparel for men and women, accessories such as phone cases and tote bags, jewelry, including a ton of personalized options, home goods, and all kinds of goodies for pets. The best part of it is that $10 of every purchased product goes to one of the fantastic organizations working with Hendrick & Co.

You can find a list of animals that Hendrick & Co. is currently raising money for on their website, but we’re warning you, the fur babies’ stories and pictures will tug at your heartstrings.

Fetch Eyewear (shop here)

Selling animal welfare and human glasses, Fetch Eyewear offers prescription Eyewear and readers for both men and women, sunglasses, and blue light eyewear options. Eyewear starts at $95, and 100% of the proceeds go to animal welfare. We love Fetch Eyewear because the company also provides resources on their websites that allow people to look up volunteer opportunities at shelters. If you’re in the Portland area, there’s even a link to a local shelter with fur babies just waiting for their forever home.

DivinityLA (shop here)

DivinityLA is a company based out of Los Angeles that makes gorgeous bracelets out of beautiful gemstones, each one with a different purpose. The company donates $1 to the affiliated organization; for instance, if you buy a sea turtle bracelet, the money goes to help the sea turtles; if you buy a koala bracelet, the money goes to an organization that allows koalas, and so on. These bracelets make the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life (of yourself, of course!) DivinityLA offers bracelet options that help sea life, wildlife, and the world, such as aid in other countries to get clean water.

Animal Hearted, This is My Dog Hair Shirt (shop here)

If you have fur babies at home, you can relate to this shirt on a spiritual level and probably many more adorable shirts from Animal Hearted. Animal Hearted allows animal lovers to shop by their preferred animal, dog or cat, and even horse or bunny. They offer many t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, coffee mugs, and face masks uniquely themed after animals. And of course, 25% of proceeds from every order are donated to an animal shelter or Rescue.

Rescue Strong, Adopt a Dog & Go Explore T-shirt (shop here)

Where do we even begin here? Not only are the products from Rescue Strong super cute, but this is a company that consists of one person, and the number of shelters, organizations, and projects that Rescue Strong has helped over the last few years is impressive. 50% of purchases from Rescue Strong go right back to help, so it’s never a bad idea to purchase a little extra here. Rescue Strong has tons of apparel, including shirts, hats and tote bags, phone cases, stickers, and buttons.

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