Eight Habits for a Healthy Marriage

Here is some real talk on marriage: Some days, it can be hard. But any happily married couple will tell you it’s worth it! Successful marriages don’t happen because no hardships are faced; they come from developing healthy habits that lead to strong, fun, fulfilling, respectful, and loving relationships. Here are a few everyday habits that will do just that.

Proper Greetings and Send-Offs

Mornings can be the craziest part of the day, and while trying to get everyone ready and out the door, it can be easy to give your partner a head nod or a hearty “see you later” as they’re halfway out the door. But a kind sendoff and a genuine welcome can make all the difference in your relationship.

A “No Phones” Rule

Whether this needs to be a bedroom or dinner table rule – or both – we’re big fans of it. We understand that sometimes you just want to zone out while scrolling TikTok, but there is a time and a place for that. It’s nearly impossible to connect with your partner when you can’t disconnect from your device.

Talk About All of It

Communication is important in any relationship, but your partner should double as your best friend. So when you go home at night, tell your partner about your day, spill the tea from work, tell them that funny thing you overheard at the coffee shop, why you’re feeling stressed…all of it. Then sit back, relax, and listen to what they want to tell you about their day.

Ask If They Need Anything

We get a warm, fuzzy feeling anytime someone asks if we need anything because it shows that they care. Sure, we’re all about bringing them a surprise cup of coffee or their favorite ice cream from the grocery store, but it never hurts to send a text to see if they need something specific.

Try Something New Together

Some of the best memories you can make as a couple will be because you tried something new together. Need some ideas? Try a new restaurant, cook a new recipe, attend a play or concert, go fruit picking, go bowling, go to an escape room, go thrift shopping, or visit a museum. Whatever you choose, a shared experience can deepen your connection.

Thank You Is Still a Magic Word

So is “please,” but for the sake of this healthy habit, we’re focusing on “thank you.” After you’ve been with your spouse for so long, it’s natural to forget to thank them for all those little things they do for you. Feeling unappreciated can be detrimental to a relationship, so make it a habit to tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

Compliment Your Partner

It can be as simple as complimenting their outfit or achieving a goal at work, but this seemingly small gesture can make your partner feel much more secure in the marriage.

Apologize and Mean It

Admitting fault can be hard for a lot of people, but apologies – full eye contact, heartfelt apologies accompanied with solutions for moving forward – build strong, healthy marriages.

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