Five YouTube Vloggers We Love and Why

YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) include an array of content creators with relatively similar formatting but varying topics based on their focus and location. Here, we have listed five of our favorite vloggers and why you should love them, too!

Cecilia Blomdahl

YouTube: @CeciliaBlomdahl

TikTok: @sejsejlija

Instagram: @sejsejija

Swedish vlogger Cecilia Blomdahl lives in Svalbard, Norway, an archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole. The population of her hometown is about 2,600 people, but that’s not why her content is so fascinating. Living so close to the north pole, she experiences polar nights, the midnight sun, the northern lights, and extreme temperatures.

Chris Broad (Abroad In Japan)

YouTube: @AbroadinJapan

Instagram: @abroadinjapan

Twitter: @AbroadInJapan

Chris Broad is a British vlogger and one of the hosts of the podcast Abroad in Japan. He is based in Sendai, Japan, and gives us a peek into life there, plus places to visit. Some videos answer viewers’ questions about trips to Japan, while others offer beautiful views of Japan’s landscape and locations many tourists don’t see.

Remi Cruz (RemLife)

YouTube: @RemLife

TikTok: @missremiashten

Instagram: @missremiashten

California-based vlogger Remi Cruz is one of the podcast hosts for Pretty Basic. She has two YouTube channels we love (her main channel is MissRemiAshten), but we picked RemLife for this article because it features videos about her day-to-day life, outings with friends, home renovations, and get-ready-with-me videos. We love Cruz’s energy and honesty; she makes you feel like you’re keeping in touch with a friend instead of an influencer.

Bronwyn Weismiller (Once Upon a Bron)

YouTube: @OnceUponaBron

TikTok: @bronwynweismiller

Instagram: @onceuponabron

For Disney lovers, big and small, Bronwyn Weismiller of Once Upon a Bron is one of the best adult Disney vloggers out there. She is based in Florida and regularly features Disney parks and resorts on her channel, sharing special events, experiences, and which snacks and food items are worth the price.

Kat Nesbitt

YouTube: @katnesbitt

TikTok: @katnesbitt

Instagram: @kat.nesbitt

There are many flight attendant vloggers on YouTube, but our favorite is Kat Nesbitt, who shows us what it’s like to be a flight attendant for international and domestic flights. In addition to seeing the world, we also get a glimpse into her life in Dallas with her significant other, her favorite skincare and cosmetic products, and Amazon buys.


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